Our year 2017

We had a very exciting year 2017. First we went on a 2 months roundtrip to the US (first part of our parental leave), where we also got to meet our extended family (and Nate’s godparents) Katie & Reza again. In our second part of the parental leave we went to Mittenwald hiking and biking and also to the Lake Constance. During this time and in between we tried to spend as much time outdoors as possible. One of our trips took us to Schorndorf, from there we took a steam train to Welzheim and after that we rode our bikes back to Schorndorf again. It was so much fun for the boys and a huge adventure. In September, Reza had a stopover in Stuttgart and visited us during this time. Nate really liked seeing him again and we had a great time at the Nymphaea Tierpark in Esslingen together.

August had another surprise for us in store: We’d been looking for a house for years now and we finally found one in Stuttgart Vaihingen. We were really lucky – 350 people were interested in this place and we got it. If that wasn’t God’s doing, than I don’t know what it was… We are really grateful that we found this place, even though this probably means that we have to do a lot of renovations starting in April. We’ll probably move in there next summer. But when everything is done we also have a guest room. So if someone wants to come visit you’re more than welcome to do so. We look back on 2017 full of joy and thankfulness and we are also looking forward to the year ahead and what God has planed next. If you’re interested in our trips and want to see and read about it in detail you can check it out here: